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VOTE, don't complain !!!!

Anonymous40784 started this conversation

In a few days, we will vote a new president of the USA.  In voting, we may want to keep our needs (of the American people) in mind. Especially, in these 'trying' times.

If our needs are economic (money) wise, we need to vote accordingly. 

If one is 'super-rich', then that one will be voting accordingly.

Historically, the democrats who help the needy.

Historically, the republicans who help the greedy.

I know, I know, you think that's not fair.  Just had to threw in a little flair.

However, truth is my darlings:

Just look over the last 40 or 50 years of each party.

We should vote for whomever our 'heart' desire.  Yet, we need to think about this 'will this person be helping us & our personal situation'.

Sure there are 'other' issues we can talk about all day long.  People can fight about the abortion issue all day.  Yet the truth of the matter is:  if one is against abortions, don't have one.

Let's come back to issues that will affect us personally.  They may include (but not limited too) such as: insurances, educational, or financially. 

Now, if we vote for any "other reasons" & later realize there is no help for "our situation" or at least to our 'pleasings'; 

"Who do we have to blame?"

No one but ourselves.  We made our choice on the voting ballot.  We voted for whom we wanted.

Therefore: vote & don't complain


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The title says it all!  Amen.

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When people vote they forget to vote for the best candidate on the local levels--State and County, in which case your pocketbook feels their effects first.

Second, I believe people forget it is our Congress that controls legislation, taxes, and spending.

Third, many people tend to forget that we have nine uncrowned monarchs sitting on the bench of the US Supreme Court who dictates the Constitution on the core beliefs of the President who apponted them to the bench.

Fourth, before giving President Clinton any praise remember this--Clinton signed into law the NAFTA agreement that sent our jobs over the border and caused a huge trade deficit that cost US jobs.

I ask what will happen if the American citizens are shafted once again and if so, how deep do we take it until we come to our senses?


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The Wizard
 in response to Anonymous40784...   


I agree with Anonymous40784!

There are way too many variables that have to be taken into account when the woman or the family is taking such a decision in one way or the other. It is ridiculous to impose artificial rule on every one – ‘have this child under any circumstances’. Rule like this is not fair neither for the mother nor the child. Giving a birth is only one part of the job. If the child is not wanted or the mother cannot take care of it what kind of future such rule paints for this child?

I would also add, currently there are much more important issues. If the economy continues further down soon we all may have serious problems feeding the kids that we already have. So, when one is choosing the main issue to vote for or against better consider again what can make or break a country.



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 in response to sarai...   

I am one for strictly leaving up to the person because the decision & judgment will be between her & her God.

Also, since I am not willing to put 'my money where my mouth is' or 'help her to raise the child', then I don't believe in putting my input into a woman's decision. 

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Re: abortions:  Did you know that abortions went DOWN when Clinton was in office?  After 12 years of a pro-life pres?  One of the first laws he passed was family medical leave act, which allowed a new mom 3 months with her newborn.  There is SO MUCH MORE to being pro-life than overturning Roe v Wade.  Instead of voting for a candidate that is against abortion, try choosing the one whose compassion for children is most likely to decrease abortions.

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