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VOTE, don't complain !!!!

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I am one for strictly leaving up to the person because the decision & judgment will be between her & her God.

Also, since I am not willing to put 'my money where my mouth is' or 'help her to raise the child', then I don't believe in putting my input into a woman's decision. 

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Re: abortions:  Did you know that abortions went DOWN when Clinton was in office?  After 12 years of a pro-life pres?  One of the first laws he passed was family medical leave act, which allowed a new mom 3 months with her newborn.  There is SO MUCH MORE to being pro-life than overturning Roe v Wade.  Instead of voting for a candidate that is against abortion, try choosing the one whose compassion for children is most likely to decrease abortions.

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